Big Jim's Squad



I'm Ants in my Eyes Jim, everything's black, I can't see a thing, and I also can't feel anything!

I hope my prices aren't too low. BUY - SELL - TRADE.

S18 bottom right corner

Naughty List
1. Fel
2. Big pp
3. Fetty
4. ok dis is lit
5. 1876493823


Big Jim's Compound Rules

1. No one.....I one will get access to any of our TC's. Please stop asking. We understand that this means you cant place items in your apartment but, our staff is online often and we are always happy to assist.

2. No Racism or bigotry of any kind. Most of the servers we frequent will also have this rule. This does not mean you can't make Dave Chappelle jokes. It simply means you cannot use hate speech in anger towards anyone while representing Big Jim's.

3. Killing other members is not allowed. That being said, it happens. It often happens by accident as members are getting to know each other and are unsure who is friend or foe. Try to keep this in mind if you get whacked. If this occurs you can contact one of the board members or security guards to mediate the situation. If the items looted off the body are returned, these issues are often minor and serve as a good "get to know your neighbor" experience.

4. No door camping or harassment of other members. Not as a joke or seriously. If people lose faith in a safe apartment complex, our community will suffer from it. While inside the compound, you should always feel at ease.

5. No repetitive spamming of global or voice chat. Come on people. The last thing any of us want is to hear you scream pumpkin over and over again for no reason.

6. Make yourself useful. Often apartments are given to players that are struggling or just starting out. Although there is little or no cost to be a part of the community, every apartment and warm body that needs fed costs resources. Try to give back to the community as often as possible. You don't have a set amount you owe but, the combined effort allows us to keep ahead of the other clans and keep you safe.

Repeated or severe violations of the rules can result in you being added to the "Naughty List" and eventually banned. You can be removed from the naughty list by making amends for damages caused and helping members. That being said, once you are are banned.

All banned and Naughty list players will be added to a kill order and will be shot on sight by all members. A bounty system is in place for more extream offenders. Payment will be offered upon the returning the skull of the offender.



Game Type
24/7 at Big Jims. The three main players are located in Georgia though. GMT-5


ID Badge   Rank Gamertag Actions
3423 Captain GMoney Profile

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